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Our History

Our History

Following World War II, a number of social welfare agencies met to consider the most appropriate way of responding to gaps in Victoria’s social structure. The agencies felt that a coordinating body needed to be established to help drive social change. Consequently the Victorian Council of Social Service was founded following a public meeting at Melbourne Town Hall in December 1946.

In 1946 VCOSS identified six areas as crucial

  • shortage of adequate housing and inadequacy of emergency stock
  • the plight of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders
  • appropriate training for employees working in children’s institutions
  • the need to contribute to public knowledge on issues of juvenile delinquency and adoption
  • other serious social problems such as alcoholism
  • the social welfare needs of low income families and migrants

Nearly 70 years later it is interesting to note many of these social issues remain the focus of our work today.