VCOSS budget submissions


Building a better Victoria (2018-2019)

  • Develop the community services industry
  • Waive fees for high-growth community services qualifications
  • Accelerate social housing growth
  • Introduce minimum rental standards
  • Save community mental health
  • Embed Aboriginal self-determination
  • Help students with disability thrive in education
  • Replace child prisons with better alternatives
  • Increase focus on preventing family violence
  • Keep supporting young people after they leave state care
  • Provide more funding for disability advocacy
  • Assist Victorians struggling with housing and energy costs

   2018-2019 VCOSS State Budget Submission


Empowering all Victorians (2017-2018)

  • Build more social housing
  • Help students with disability succeed at school
  • Support every child with high quality early learning
  • Retain community mental health rehabilitation services
  • Empower young people leaving care
  • Empower people with disability through independent advocacy services
  • Cut people’s bills with energy efficiency
  • Improve access to legal assistance
  • Empower communities to deliver local solutions with a social innovation fund
  • Develop a community sector workforce plan

   2017-2018 VCOSS State Budget Submission


For enquiries please contact VCOSS Policy Manager Llewellyn Reynders, 03 9235 1021, 0427 557 841



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