Inquiry into the Portability of Long Service Leave entitlements

2 September 2015  |  

The Economic, Education, Jobs and Skills Committee of the Victorian Parliament is inquiring into the portability of long service leave entitlements in Victoria. The broad terms of reference to the Inquiry have seen submissions covering a range of industries and organisations. Employer bodies, trade unions and community sector peak bodies have made submissions. A few individuals have made submissions highlighting their own experience.  

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Building a high quality and equitable education system for all Victorians

6 August 2015  |  

Providing a quality education to all learners is widely acknowledged as being a key way of developing a strong and inclusive society and economy. People are likely to achieve better life outcomes if they can access a high quality education throughout their early childhood, their school years and potentially on through further education and training. However, too many children, young people and adult learners experiencing disadvantage are missing out on the opportunities that a quality education can provide.  They face a range of barriers that prevent them from accessing the same level of quality education as their peers, and contribute to them being unable to fully participate or stay engaged in the education system. 

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