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Creating an inclusive education system for students with additional health and development needs

28 September 2015  |  

Access to and success in education is critical in eliminating disadvantage and giving every child the opportunity to reach their full potential.  All children and young people, including those with disabilities, have a right to quality education. Yet too many students with disabilities or with additional health and development needs are being denied the opportunities afforded by a quality education.

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Rental reform is an opportunity for fairer, safer housing

25 September 2015  |  

Safe, secure and affordable housing is the bedrock of a good life. A home is the basis from which people build stability in their lives, and should provide the shelter, security, safety and privacy that people need to reach their potential. The private rental market is an essential component of the housing supply for low-income Victorians, with more than a third of low-income Victorians living in privately rented properties – more than in public or community housing.

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Education key to breaking the cycle of disadvantage

24 September 2015  |  

A quality education is key to developing an inclusive society and economy. Too many children and young people have missed out on a quality education as a consequence of experiencing disadvantage. They face barriers to participating in school and sometimes drop out of the education system altogether. There is a growing inequality of educational outcomes within Australia’s schooling system.[1]

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VET helps Victorians facing disadvantage gain skills and employment opportunities

15 September 2015  |  

VET is important in supporting the Victorian economy and community, and provides an important pathway to employment for many people facing disadvantage. The VCOSS submission to VET Funding Review Issues Paper responds to interim review findings and key areas identified for further consultation.

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A good retirement needs decent income, housing, health and aged care

9 September 2015  |  

With an ageing population, Australians are having a debate about how to ensure that we have a decent standard of living in retirement. There is increasing concern across the community about whether our system of tax concessions for superannuation is delivering the outcomes Australians need. A good retirement requires more than an adequate income stream, it also requires people to be able to live in affordable, good quality and secure housing, and have access to affordable health care and high quality aged care.

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