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Kinship carers need much more than a fairer payment system

VCOSS submission to the Victorian Ombudsman’s investigation28 April 2017  |  

While financial concerns are a problem for kinship carers, it is difficult to separate financial support for kinship carers from the other types of support they need.

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Preventing financial crisis and exclusion

VCOSS Submission in response to the proposed redesign of the Financial Wellbeing and Capability Activity18 April 2017  |  

VCOSS views the proposed redesign as an opportunity to strengthen, rather than diminish, financial wellbeing and capability services, particularly at a time of heightened financial stress.

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Youth justice reforms must be tough on the causes of youth crime

7 December 2016  |  

Victoria has a problem with the repeat and violent offending behaviours by a small number of young offenders. But we can’t arrest our way out of this problem.

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For many, Don Dale has painful echoes of the past

9 August 2016  |  

Four Corners shocked Australia with images from inside the Don Dale detention centre, prompting widespread condemnation and a Royal Commission. For many Forgotten Australians the images were a disturbing reminder of their own abuse in state institutions and their continuing fight for justice

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Needs-based funding crucial to improving educational outcomes for Victoria’s vulnerable students

19 April 2016  |  

The Government Schools Funding Review, led by Steve Bracks, makes wide-ranging recommendations around using school funding to raise educational outcomes for all students, increasing transparency and accountability of funding, and helping break the link between disadvantage and poor educational outcomes. It also makes broader recommendations about school leadership, collaboration and data sharing to drive systemic improvements and support the inclusion of all students.

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