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image of bushfire SUBMISSION

Community resilience needs building long before an emergency event

VCOSS Submission to Emergency Management Victoria’s Resilient Recovery Discussion Paper3 May 2017  |  

Recovery from an emergency cannot be resilient unless the community is resilient to begin with.

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Climate change and drought policy in Victoria: context and recommendations for VCOSS’ policy position

1 December 2007  |  

Climate change and drought have emerged as critical policy issues over the last year, with the social justice and equity implications gaining some prominence. VCOSS undertook a scoping project between May–September 2007 to identify:

  • the current climate change and drought policy context;
  • impacts of climate change, drought and associated policy responses for low income and disadvantaged Victorians; and
  • recommendations for VCOSS future work in these areas.

The project involved consultation with stakeholders in government, community and environment sectors as well as a review of current research and policy documents. An internal VCOSS strategic position paper was presented to the VCOSS board in October 2007. This discussion paper summarises the research undertaken as part of this scoping project.

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