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Data Availability and Use

Joint COSS submission to Productivity Commission Issues Paper 'Data Availability and Use'4 August 2016  |  

The world is awash with data. Big data can provide the community sector with the tools it needs to improve services in order to deliver long-term outcomes for vulnerable and at-risk groups within our community. But without the necessary enabling environment created by government, the sector risks being left behind by private businesses that can use that data to their own commercial benefit. (Image: KamiPhuc)

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The social determinants of health: how can the community sector help?

18 December 2013  |  

A recent public health study revealed that poverty has a greater impact on child development than the use of cocaine during pregnancy. Dr Gemma Carey from the Centre for Excellence in Intervention & Prevention Science and Liz Callaghan from Catholic Health Australia note that “this type of research packs a serious punch when it comes to advocating for social policy change”.

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2013-14 Bushfire Season: a list of links and resources

17 December 2013  |  

A new report by the Climate Council – Be Prepared: Climate Change and the Australian Bushfire Threat – has highlighted how bushfire seasons in Australia are getting longer and the number of extreme fire days is increasing due to climate change. The report has found that in southeast Australia the fire season is becoming longer, with fire weather extending into October and March. The report states that fire frequency and intensity is expected to increase substantially in coming decades in many regions, especially in those areas currently most affected by bushfires, and where a substantial proportion of the Australian population lives.

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Tweeting for social change: tips from top ‘tweeps’ – Pt 2

8 October 2012  |  

And now, part 2 in our series exploring how people use Twitter to try to achieve meaningful social change. Our previous post prompted plenty of attention and discussion. We want to keep the conversation going so if there’s anyone on Twitter you’d like to hear from, let us know and we’ll invite them to contribute.

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Tweeting for social change: tips from top tweeps

3 October 2012  |  

Many people see Twitter as either a mystery or mindless chatter. But increasing numbers of people and organisations interested in social change – including VCOSS (we tweet at: @vcoss, @vcossDean, @movefair, @vClearinghouse) – are climbing aboard the social media platform, finding it a great tool for research, policy development, networking and advocacy. We asked some of our favourite ‘tweeps’ why they’re in the Twittersphere. Here are our first batch: more to come… Feel free to add your thoughts, tips, recommendations.

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