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New parents (Human Services Annual Report 2015) SUBMISSION

Preventing financial crisis and exclusion

VCOSS Submission in response to the proposed redesign of the Financial Wellbeing and Capability Activity18 April 2017  |  

VCOSS views the proposed redesign as an opportunity to strengthen, rather than diminish, financial wellbeing and capability services, particularly at a time of heightened financial stress.

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Improving transport for Victorians with limited mobility: Multi-purpose Taxi Program Discussion Paper

11 December 2015  |  

VCOSS believes the Multi-purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) can be transformed into a broader mobility assistance program subsidising a diversity of transport options for people with limited mobility, streamlining access to a variety of accessible transport assistance, and providing clear, factual information and education to assist people to maximise their mobility choices.

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Review of the Program for Students with Disabilities

28 September 2015  |  

VCOSS welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on the Program for Students with Disabilities. Access to and success in education is critical in eliminating disadvantage and giving every child the opportunity to reach their full potential. Yet significant barriers still exist for students with disabilities, including funding limitations, lack of specialist supports, inadequate knowledge and training in disability among teachers, lack of time for teachers to provide an individualised approach for students with disabilities, and discriminatory attitudes

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National Disability Advocacy Framework – Response to Discussion Paper

31 August 2015  |  

The Disability Advocacy Resource Unit (DARU), in collaboration with Disability Advocacy Victoria (DAV) and the Victorian Council of Social Service (VCOSS), is pleased to respond to the Review of the National Disability Advocacy Framework (the Framework) discussion paper.

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