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The right evidence for improving education

VCOSS Submission to Productivity Commission’s inquiry into the national education evidence base4 November 2016  |  

In this submission VCOSS advocates for the development of a centralised data repository and coordination of the national education evidence so data and evidence can be easily accessed by federal, state and territory governments, across sectors and communities. This will mean they can better understand what is driving educational disadvantage and take actions to address this. We encourage mapping existing datasets to enhance existing data collections, reduce duplication and clarify their purpose.

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Deliver an equitable education system to help every child fulfil their potential

28 April 2016  |  

Summary The 2016-17 Victorian Budget has prioritised investment in education, with substantial infrastructure funding provided to build and upgrade schools, provide Tech Schools and support early childhood and care services. Positive investment is also made in vocational and workplace learning initiatives, a shared facilities fund to support community hubs, and delivering on their election commitment to provide a doctors in schools program to support the healthcare of disadvantaged students.

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