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Helping victims of crime recover

VCOSS submission to the Victorian Law Reform Commission’s Review of the Victims of Crime Assistance Act 1 November 2017  |  

VCOSS supports the Victims of Crime Assistance Scheme as an important way to offer justice to people recovering from the effects of crime. While no amount of compensation can ever make up for the losses people experience or make people feel safe again when they have been victimised, the Victims of Crime Assistance can help people feel heard and understood, and provide some real recognition of the harm experienced.

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Reducing trauma and delay for witnesses and victims

VCOSS Submission to the Victorian Criminal Procedure Reforms Paper19 June 2017  |  

Law reform to improve the court experience for victim/survivors of family violence and sexual assault have been ongoing for more than a decade in Victoria. However, the culture within the legal system in relation these crimes has proven difficult to shift.

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Youth justice reforms must be tough on the causes of youth crime

7 December 2016  |  

Victoria has a problem with the repeat and violent offending behaviours by a small number of young offenders. But we can’t arrest our way out of this problem.

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