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Tackling family violence and gender inequality

VCOSS submission to Senate Inquiry into Domestic Violence and Gender Inequality3 May 2016  |  

One in six Australian women have experienced physical or sexual violence and one in three have experienced emotional abuse from a current or previous partner since the age of 15. Family violence causes serious social, economic and health consequences for women, their children, and the broader community. This submission makes recommendations for preventing and responding effectively to family violence, and for addressing gender equality more broadly. 

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Thousands of people denied legal assistance every year put at risk

3 March 2016  |  

Thousands of people facing disadvantage across Victoria are being denied access to crucial legal assistance every year due to a $46 million state and federal government funding gap, putting them at greater risk of falling into debt, homelessness, and contact with the criminal justice system, new VCOSS submission says.

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Prisoners in Australia still experiencing poor health and wellbeing

2 December 2015  |  

The new Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) report The health of Australia’s prisoners 2015 shows that prisoners in Australia have typically experienced significant disadvantage. Rates of education attainment and employment before prison are low. Many people in prison have histories of mental illness, alcohol and drug use and homelessness. Many also leave prison at risk of homelessness and with ongoing physical and mental health conditions.

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Ombudsman report shows it is time to rethink approach to crime

17 September 2015  |  

VCOSS welcomes the recommendations of the Victorian Ombudsman in her Investigation into the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners in Victoria report, describing them as a broad-ranging and well-targeted set of recommendations that if implemented, would help make Victoria a safer state.

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