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2015 VCOSS Submission to the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry

31 August 2015  |  

Submission to the 2015 Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry 2 Introduction VCOSS welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the 2015 re-opened Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry. This submission presents a range of issues and recommendations identified through consultation with VCOSS members and community sector organisations in Morwell affected by the Hazelwood fire.

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Request for a systemic review of discrimination against women in Victorian prisons

1 December 2005  |  

Complaint submitted by VCOSS tothe Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria (EOCV) requesting an investigation into discrimination on the basis of gender/sex, race, ethnicity and religion, and cognitive impairment faced by women throughout the Victorian prison system in contravention of this Act. The request is supported by the findings of the United Nations Report on Women and Prison from the Economic and Social Commission on Human Rights.

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