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ALP In Conversation

3 December 2014  |  

In the lead up to the 2014 State Election VCOSS sat down with James Merlino, Jenny Mikakos and Richard Wynne from the ALP to explore their vision for a Victoria without poverty.

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2014 State Election BLOG POST

Voting for a Victoria without poverty – Energy costs

28 November 2014  |  

Living costs always figure prominently in election debates and cover a wide range of issues from municipal rates to education costs. The most common issue currently bringing people to financial counsellors or emergency relief services, however, is energy costs – so this is an important focus of VCOSS advocacy work on living costs and financial hardship.

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2014 State Election BLOG POST

Voting for a Victoria without poverty – Transport

28 November 2014  |  

Transport plays an essential role in people’s lives, because it gives them the freedom to get where they need to go. It enables people to access jobs, education, health services, community services, friends, family and support networks. By expanding travel options for people, especially low-cost transport options that are fully accessible, we can improve everyone’s ability to access opportunities that improve their income, health, wellbeing, and participation in community life.

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