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Walk alongside – Co-designing social initiatives with people experiencing vulnerabilities

4 August 2015  |  

Working closely with people in the community is one of the best ways to design services and programs that will help them overcome the forms of disadvantage they face, a new VCOSS paper says. Walk alongside outlines co-design principles and practices to help bring people, community workers and the government together to best design the social programs, services and support people need.

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The social determinants of health: how can the community sector help?

18 December 2013  |  

A recent public health study revealed that poverty has a greater impact on child development than the use of cocaine during pregnancy. Dr Gemma Carey from the Centre for Excellence in Intervention & Prevention Science and Liz Callaghan from Catholic Health Australia note that “this type of research packs a serious punch when it comes to advocating for social policy change”.

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Australia’s welfare 2013: Progress but issues of concern remain

18 September 2013  |  

Australia’s welfare 2013, the biennial publication from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, collates a wealth of data on Australia’s population and its wellbeing. There is too much data in the 538 pages to do justice to its contents in a short blog such as this. However, there are some important insights that can be derived from the expansive data sets. These should be carefully considered by policy makers seeking to alleviate poverty and social disadvantage in Australia. I will attempt to identify a few of these in the post below.

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