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Helping Victorians facing disadvantage gain work

6 January 2016  |  

VCOSS recently published its 2016-17 State Budget Submission Putting people back in the picture. The state budget submission proposes the state government further support vulnerable Victorians facing disadvantage to overcome barriers to work and gain meaningful, secure employment by developing and funding a Workforce Participation Plan.

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Supporting vulnerable displaced workers to gain skills and employment

15 December 2015  |  

A growing number of Victorian workers are facing involuntary job loss due to business closures, downsizing or their particular jobs being made obsolete. [1]  This is driven by significant changes to the Victorian and Australian economies including technological advances, globalisation, and a shift away from traditional industries such as manufacturing, to service industries, including health care and social assistance and education and training.[2]  Displaced workers, particularly those who are vulnerable, often experience long periods of unemployment and if they do gain work it is more likely to be in part-time or insecure work arrangements, with lower pay, less hours and less job security. [3] Thus the “costs of job displacement may be substantial and long-lasting” [4] for the individual, their families and the broader community.

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Insecure work creates vulnerability and increases inequality

3 December 2015  |  

The VCOSS submission to the Victorian inquiry into the labour hire industry and insecure work outlines the nature and effects of insecure employment on vulnerable people and their families. The submission also recommends actions the state government can take to reduce the barriers people face to gaining secure work along with strategies to create more secure jobs for people experiencing disadvantage.

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VCOSS Submission to the VET Funding Review Issues Paper – August 2015

14 September 2015  |  

VCOSS recognises the key role that the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector plays in supporting the Victorian economy and community, both at a national and state level. VET provides an important pathway to employment. Paid employment prevents poverty, enabling people to earn enough income to participate more fully in society. It can help lower rates of financial crisis, homelessness, family conflict and violence, alcohol and other drug use, physical and mental health problems, disengagement from education and contact with the justice system.

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2015-16 State Budget Snapshot: Tackling unemployment

6 May 2015  |  

The state government has prioritised tackling unemployment in its 2015-16 budget, with a range of measures. These include jobs and investment programs, and funding for Local Learning and Employment Networks to continue supporting young people to re-engage with education or work.

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