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Canadian Early Childhood Education and Care Monitoring Tool provide valuable lessons for Australia

23 July 2015  |  

Access to high quality Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) promotes immediate and long-term benefits to the learning and wellbeing of children. However, despite these benefits many children from disadvantaged families continue to miss out on participating in quality ECEC services. And Australia is well below the OECD average when it comes to early childhood investment.

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The Aboriginal Child Placement Principle: improving compliance and ongoing connection to culture

21 July 2015  |  

Connection to community, family and culture is fundamental to wellbeing of Aboriginal people. However, approximately 70 per cent of Aboriginal children in out-of-home care in Victoria in 2013-14 were placed with non-Aboriginal carers. The Commission for Children and Young People is now inquiring into compliance with the intent of the Aboriginal Child Placement Principle.

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Building a Victoria without poverty: Help every child get the best start in life to address the education gap

21 April 2015  |  

The 2015-16 state budget, to be presented in May 2015, presents an excellent opportunity for the Victorian Government to fund initiatives that will ensure every child get the best start in life. There is now irrefutable evidence that the early years before school lay the foundations for optimal development, and for later success at school.

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