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Help people facing disadvantage deal with outstanding fines and debt

1 March 2016  |  

VCOSS recently published its 2016-17 State Budget Submission: Putting people back in the picture. It puts forward a proposal to allow Victorians facing disadvantage to discharge outstanding fine debt through voluntary work or agreed programs or treatments, to help prevent them experiencing spiralling debt.

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EWOV Annual Report

Energy retailers need to lift their game to prevent disconnections

16 October 2014  |  

Today, more than 300 people will phone the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria (EWOV) with a complaint about their energy retailer. Sixty of them will be calling about a payment issue, and 35 of them will have been threatened with disconnection or already been disconnected. Almost four in every five customers with credit-related issues tried two or more times to sort it out with their retailer first; and almost a third tried five or more times. It's time for energy retailers to lift their game.

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Water price review update

23 April 2013  |  

Last month we presented the lowdown on what Victorian households can expect from their water suppliers once the new regulatory (and pricing) period kicks in on 1 July. We discussed the proposed 30 to 35 per cent increase in water bills for greater metropolitan Melbourne residents, the merits of a one-off price increase compared to a smoothed increase over a five-year period, the challenges of paying for the desalination plant, and the merits of different ways of structuring tariffs.

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