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Youth justice reforms must be tough on the causes of youth crime

7 December 2016  |  

Victoria has a problem with the repeat and violent offending behaviours by a small number of young offenders. But we can’t arrest our way out of this problem.

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Help people facing disadvantage deal with outstanding fines and debt

1 March 2016  |  

VCOSS recently published its 2016-17 State Budget Submission: Putting people back in the picture. It puts forward a proposal to allow Victorians facing disadvantage to discharge outstanding fine debt through voluntary work or agreed programs or treatments, to help prevent them experiencing spiralling debt.

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Building a Victoria without poverty: Tackling unemployment

1 April 2015  |  

Victoria’s unemployment and youth unemployment rates are at their highest levels in decades. In late 2014 the State’s unemployment rate hit 6.8 per cent, the highest it has reached  since 2001 The average monthly youth unemployment rate for 2014 was 14.6 per cent, a level which we have not seen in Victoria since the 1990s.

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Cover the Costs

Still no solution for loss of EMA

14 October 2014  |  

Recent media commentary regarding a lack of clarity about the funding for Victorian schools as part of the Gonksi deal is disheartening. It now appears that many Victorian students facing disadvantage may be short changed twice – missing out on additional school funding and losing their entitlement to the Education Maintenance Allowance.

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When transport fails young people

21 December 2010  |  

The edges of Melbourne can be a hard place to live if you don’t drive a car. Young families often relocate to edge of Melbourne so they could afford a buy a home for their growing family. However, when those children get old enough to start wanting to move around on their own, they find their options are extremely limited.

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