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State Budget Submission 2018-19


Building a Better Victoria

Every Victorian should have the opportunity for a good life. We all want the chance to live healthy, secure and meaningful lives, with the dignity of a decent income and a place to call home.

Victoria is a generous, prosperous and beautiful place to live. But not every Victorian can gain the benefits of living here. Every day, Victorians are struggling to avoid poverty and disadvantage.

The VCOSS State Budget Submission 2018-19 outlines a vision for a new Victoria. We provide a roadmap for the Victorian Government, with workable investments and policy solutions to grow the opportunity for every Victorian to maximise their potential.

We imagine a Victoria where everyone can live a good life, regardless of their background or individual circumstances; where there is less poverty and more opportunity, and where individual and community wellbeing is our measure of success. We also envisage a Victoria reconciled with our First Nations people, who can self-determine their futures under a lasting treaty.

To achieve this vision, we believe the Victorian Government should zero in on growing opportunities for individual and community wellbeing.

Wellbeing is both a driver and a measure of a successful society and, increasingly, is the central mission of modern government. It is the common thread between every individual facet of government.

Most importantly, the very pursuit of wellbeing can provide the foundation for a better Victoria. It gives us a new conceptual framework to measure our success, and a contemporary lens through which to view ourselves and assess policy initiatives.

In practical terms, growing opportunity for wellbeing means every Victorian must be able to live with dignity and meaning, including by getting a great education, staying healthy, living free from violence and abuse, having a roof over their head and securing a decent income.

Achieving this goal will require a genuine partnership between governments, the community sector, private industry and individual citizens.

We all have a part to play.

Only by working together will we build a better, fairer and more liveable Victoria.

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In a rush?

Here are the 12 key initiatives to create opportunity and wellbeing for all Victorians.

Develop the community services industry

Begin allocating funding to implement the proposals developed by the 10-Year Community Services Industry Plan. Read more.

Waive fees for high-growth community services qualifications

Waive fees for community services VET qualifications in high employment growth occupations for all Victorians facing barriers to employment or looking to retrain. Read more.

Accelerate social housing growth

Develop a plan to deliver 30,000 new social housing properties over the next 10 years to ensure all Victorians have a safe, secure and affordable place to live. Read more.

Introduce minimum rental standards

Define minimum health, safety and energy efficiency standards for all private rental homes, to save renters money and increase health and comfort. Read more.

Save community mental health

Allocate additional funding to preserve community mental health rehabilitation services during and after the transition to the NDIS. Read more.

Embed Aboriginal self-determination

Ensure Aboriginal organisations are funding adequately to ensure their communities’ ongoing engagement in self-determination and treaty discussions. Read more.

Help students with disability thrive in education

Overhaul the Program for Students with Disabilities to appropriately support all students with disability. Read more.

Replace child prisons with better alternatives

Commit to closing Victoria’s child prisons over the long-term and introducing a new system of youth justice, based on diversion, rehabilitation and intensive community support. Read more.

Increase focus on preventing family violence

Fund evaluation and scale-up effective family prevention strategies. Read more.

Keep supporting young people after they leave state care

Help young people leaving care develop independence by providing housing assistance and ongoing support until the age of 21. Read more.

Provide more funding for disability advocacy

Increase disability advocacy funding to $5.1 million annually so all Victorians with disability have a voice. Read more.

Assist Victorians struggling with housing and energy costs

Deliver a comprehensive financial wellbeing package, with a focus on the needs of people facing debilitating housing and energy costs. Read more.