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Below are the latest submissions and reports published by VCOSS. You can also subscribe to the Documents RSS feed.


Sharing information for timely and effective interventions

VCOSS submission to the child information sharing consultation paper17 October 2017  |  

The Victorian Council of Social Service (VCOSS) strongly supports the intent of the information sharing scheme to protect children from harm and improve their wellbeing. However, information sharing is only beneficial if it leads to more timely and effective interventions for children, young people and families.


Ensuring a smooth transition to the NDIS

Submission to NDIS Joint Standing Committee inquiry into Transitional Arrangements for the NDIS24 August 2017  |  

The NDIS brings a major shift in service provision for people with disability. VCOSS strongly supports the goals of NDIS: to provide eligible people with greater choice and control over their services and improve social and economic inclusion for all people with disability, their families and carers.


Safeguarding quality services for people with disability

VCOSS submission on the NDIS Amendment (Quality and Safeguards Commission and Other Measures) Bill 201728 July 2017  |  

A robust system for quality and safeguarding will helps prevent people with disability experiencing harm and promotes high quality service delivery. It should reflect the lived experience of people with disability by actively involving them in every element.


Measuring and managing NDIS scheme costs

VCOSS response to the Productivity Commission’s Position Paper on NDIS Costs19 July 2017  |  

VCOSS was overwhelmingly happy with the Productivity Commission’s Position Paper on NDIS Costs, particularly the Paper’s recommendations to provide pre-planning support, improve the planning process and skills of planners, and increase government transparency and accountability about service continuity for people ineligible for individual packages.

Electricity Terry Freedman CC

Staying connected

Submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission inquiry12 July 2017  |  

Victorians are being pushed to the edge by electricity price rises. Our bills are now the second highest in Australia (following South Australia). Electricity prices are rising faster than inflation, wages and income support payments. People are making trade-offs on food and other essentials, and sometimes experiencing great psychological stress, in order to stay connected.

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