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Electricity Terry Freedman CC

Staying connected

Submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission inquiry12 July 2017  |  

Victorians are being pushed to the edge by electricity price rises. Our bills are now the second highest in Australia (following South Australia). Electricity prices are rising faster than inflation, wages and income support payments. People are making trade-offs on food and other essentials, and sometimes experiencing great psychological stress, in order to stay connected.

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Reducing trauma and delay for witnesses and victims

VCOSS Submission to the Victorian Criminal Procedure Reforms Paper19 June 2017  |  

Law reform to improve the court experience for victim/survivors of family violence and sexual assault have been ongoing for more than a decade in Victoria. However, the culture within the legal system in relation these crimes has proven difficult to shift.

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image of bushfire

Community resilience needs building long before an emergency event

VCOSS Submission to Emergency Management Victoria’s Resilient Recovery Discussion Paper3 May 2017  |  

Recovery from an emergency cannot be resilient unless the community is resilient to begin with.

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