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A fair energy market for people on low income. . .

A fair energy market for people on low incomes
VCOSS Submission to the Interim Response to the Review of Electricity and Gas Retail Markets

Document published on 3 April 2018

The retail energy market is currently failing people on low incomes and other vulnerable groups, which necessitates both market reform and government support to make energy more affordable.

Delivering more affordable energy requires a fair energy market with reasonable and transparent pricing, as well as proper payment support for low-income households, and energy-efficient, affordable-to-run housing.

In this submission we comment on issues raised by the proposed Basic Service Offer and request further analysis and consultation before government proceeds with this form of price regulation. We also recommend particular initiatives for low-income households, including a targeted, low-cost offer, and briefly comment on the implementation of recommendations for fairer energy contracts.

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