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Improving children’s safety, stability and . . .

Improving children’s safety, stability and wellbeing
VCOSS Submission to the Commission for Children and Young People’s Permanency Amendements Inquiry

Document published on 13 December 2016

Image of young child sitting on couch smiling

In this submission, VCOSS supports the intent of providing children with continuity and stability by making informed and timely decisions about permanent arrangements for children to live with their family or in other home-based care arrangements.

However, while some of the legislative changes are positive we believe other changes may result in negative unintended consequences for some children and young people.

VCOSS’s general position is the best interests of children and young people are served when courts have strong oversight and discretion to tailor decisions to the individual needs and circumstances of each child and young person.

Image: Flickr CC / Donnie Ray Jones

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