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Preventing financial crisis and exclusion. . .

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New parents (Human Services Annual Report 2015)

Preventing financial crisis and exclusion

VCOSS Submission in response to the proposed redesign of the Financial Wellbeing and Capability Activity18 April 2017  |  

VCOSS views the proposed redesign as an opportunity to strengthen, rather than diminish, financial wellbeing and capability services, particularly at a time of heightened financial stress.

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Restoring Youth Justice

VCOSS submission to the Legislative Council Legal and Social Issues Committee inquiry into youth justice centres in Victoria9 March 2017  |  

VCOSS has numerous concerns about Victoria’s youth justice centres, including staff shortages, limited support and training for staff in trauma informed practice, noncompliance with the rules governing use of isolation and seclusion, and inadequate assessment and responses to young people’s complex needs.


Navigating health and social service reform

Victorian Primary Care Partnerships6 March 2017  |  

Navigating health and social service reform was prepared by VCOSS in conjunction with Loddon Mallee PCP and the Victorian PCPs. It has been adapted by the Victorian PCPs to support PCPs across the state to assist their partner organisations to navigate the shifting sands of the health and social reform environment.


Making energy markets work

VCOSS submission to the review of electricity and gas retail markets in Victoria6 March 2017  |  

Energy is an essential service. Yet there are signs Victoria’s energy retail markets are not operating in consumers’ interests and need reform. Energy prices have more than doubled in the past decade, and people pay very different prices depending on which ‘offer’ they are signed up for.

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Delivering high quality services for all mental health consumers

VCOSS Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on the NDIS28 February 2017  |  

Many people living with mental illness will be ineligible for NDIS individual funding packages. VCOSS believes state and federal governments have a joint responsibility to continue funding community mental health services outside of the NDIS, so these people can access support for recovery. Community mental health services in Victoria have long provided psychosocial rehabilitation and support services, helping people with mental health difficulties stay well and able to work, study, care for their families, and participate in community life.

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Helping low-income Australians access insurance

VCOSS Submission to the Senate Inquiry into Australia's general insurance industry27 February 2017  |  

People on low incomes are the most vulnerable to financial stress and hardship and the least prepared to respond to cost-of-living pressures and other financially stressful life events. They have the least resources to recover from loss, but are least able to afford the protection and security that can be provided by insurance.