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Supporting Australia’s future community ser. . .

Supporting Australia’s future community services workforce
VCOSS Submission to the Senate Select Committee on the Future of Work and Workers

Document published on 21 February 2018

The community services sector is both highly resilient to automation and Australia’s fastest growing industry. It is therefore important the ‘future of work’ and workers is considered through this prism.

Workforce growth needs to be actively promoted in a manner that supports the creation of good secure jobs, which will underpin the delivery of high quality, personalised services.

This will require a review of the adequacy of Australia’s current laws and policies, including industrial relations to ensure that they are fit for purpose in light of changing labour market conditions, and that they continue to provide a framework of basic rights and protections, irrespective of how or where we work.

Policy interventions will be required to not only support high workforce growth, but also ensure that the sector has the skills, qualities and capabilities to deliver high quality, person-centered services. This will require rewarding career opportunities, secure employment, good pay and conditions, and access to training and development.

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