Welcome to the new VCOSS website

We’re thrilled to finally be sharing the new VCOSS website with you.

This website has been designed to be engaging and immersive. It will help us champion the work of the Victorian community sector, amplify the voices of people doing it tough, advocate for better policy positions and support VCOSS member organisations to be stronger and more effective.

The site has some new sections—check out the Sector Hub—and VCOSS members can now log in to access exclusive content like details of upcoming VCOSS policy consultations.

All future VCOSS policy reports and submissions will now also be posted in full text (HTML), making it easier for people with vision impairments or who use text readers.


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Why am I being asked to log in?

The new VCOSS website has a log in to protect exclusive, member-only content from prying eyes. Every employee of a VCOSS member organisation or VCOSS individual member is entitled to their own login. To Activate Your Login, all you have to do is verify your work email account. When you are logged in, you can;

Other member-only content will be available shortly.


Where have all the VCOSS blogs gone?

These pieces are now collated under Analysis. We changed the name because ‘blog’ sounded very dated and no longer reflected what we were actually publishing. Our analysis pieces are written by VCOSS leaders, policy experts and members. They will provide informed examinations of policy announcements and proposals, and social trends.

From the front page menu; Advocacy > Analysis.


Why can’t I find VCOSSLink?

Members told us the stand-alone VCOSSLink website was hard to find and navigate. We’ve taken this on board and shifted VCOSSLink content into our new Sector Hub.

This is where you will find Resources and Training opportunities. You can also secure your place at upcoming VCOSS Events. If you’re a member, you can also add your own.

From the front page menu; Sector Hub.


Tell us what you really think.

We’d love to know how you find our new website. Please drop us a line.