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The VCOSS magazine Insight is the only publication of its kind in Australia.

Focused on finding ways to end poverty and disadvantage and making the clear case for change, it explores important themes and features research, ideas, analysis and commentary from leading thinkers and practitioners on social justice. Insight is published three times a year by VCOSS, with national editions in collaboration with the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS).

Each of VCOSS’ member organisations receive a free copy of Insight.

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Insight - On the fringes: Tale of two cities Insight - On the fringes: Tale of two cities

Insight 10: On the Fringes – Tale of two cities

7 August 2014  |  

inisght-onlineThis issue of Insight examines the needs of communities on Melbourne’s outer fringe. From Melton to the Yarra Ranges, Whittlesea to Mornington, our fringe communities circling Melbourne need greater investment in services including transport, healthcare, jobs, housing, emergency management.

insight8-cover insight8-cover

Issue 8: Crime and Justice

25 June 2013  |  http://vcoss.org.au/insight/issue8-crime-and-justice/

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Carolyn Atkins, Acting VCOSS CEO
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Myths, misinformation and missed opportunities

We should want to prevent crime, not just punish it. Hugh de Kretser says there is no excuse for the failure of governments to act on crime prevention when there is no shortage of evidence about what works.
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In Conversation
Q&A with Victoria’s Attorney General, the Hon. Robert Clark

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Insight Issue 7 Insight Issue 7

Issue 7: Sustainable sector – changes and challenges

17 September 2012  |  http://vcoss.org.au/insight/issue-7-sustainable-sector-changes-and-challenges/

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2022: the future is here

The issue of sector sustainability has been on the agenda for some time. Former VCOSS CEO Cath Smith looks back on a decade of looking forward and finds the seeds of an exciting, if challenging, future.
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Sector reform: unfinished business

There’s been much attention on the establishment of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) to strengthen…Read More

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insight_cover_issue_6 insight_cover_issue_6

Issue 6: Gimme shelter – housing affordability in Australia

3 March 2012  |  http://vcoss.org.au/insight/issue-6-gimme-shelter-housing-affordability-in-australia/

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Turning the housing policy Titanic around: Cassandra Goldie (ACOSS) and Cath Smith (VCOSS).
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Low income + high rental is a poor equation

ACOSS CEO Cassandra Goldie does the numbers on why $35 a day is not enough, for anyone.
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The politics of housing

Sarah Toohey from Australians…Read More

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insight_cover_issue_4 insight_cover_issue_4

Issue 4: Fair Share – The Tax Edition

10 September 2011  |  http://vcoss.org.au/insight/issue-4-fair-share-the-tax-edition/

A special national edition of Insight, published by VCOSS in collaboration with the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS).

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Cath Smith, VCOSS CEO
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Taxing issues

ACOSS CEO Cassandra Goldie on why tax reform matters to the community sector, way beyond allowing sufficient revenue to…Read More

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insight_cover_issue_2 insight_cover_issue_2

Issue 2: Framing the future

3 November 2010  |  http://vcoss.org.au/insight/issue-2-framing-the-future/

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Beyond trauma

Michael Perusco, CEO Sacred Heart Mission

Many people who are chronically homeless experience the effects of prolonged and repeated traumas. A look at one program that seeks to shift the way we deal that complexity.

Trauma on the streets

A landmark study that assessed post traumatic stress disorder among homeless people.

Beyond tax breaks

Key challenges and opportunities for…Read More

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insight_cover_issue_1 insight_cover_issue_1

Issue 1: Cities in crisis?

10 June 2010  |  http://vcoss.org.au/insight/issue-1-cities-in-crisis/

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Top of the Pops

Jane-Frances Kelly & Helen Morrow, Grattan Institute
Melbourne often ‘tops the pops’ in the Most Liveable Cities of the World charts, but what don’t those league tables look at?

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Melbourne: you want that supersized?

It’s not just the city that’s growing but its inequalities. A special snapshot, informed by…Read More

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