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Issue 16: Building Resilient Communities. . .

The VCOSS magazine Insight is the only publication of its kind in Australia.

Focused on finding ways to end poverty and disadvantage and making the clear case for change, it explores important themes and features research, ideas, analysis and commentary from leading thinkers and practitioners on social justice. Insight is published three times a year by VCOSS, with national editions in collaboration with the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS).

Each of VCOSS’ member organisations receive a free copy of Insight.

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Issue 16: Building Resilient Communities

24 January 2017  |  

The latest edition of Insight explores what it means to build resilient communities, the challenges involved and the immense benefits it can bring. With a new look and new features, it’s a great read. You can view some of the fantastic pieces online, and to receive your full copy in the mail, become a VCOSS member or subscribe today.


Issue 15: People Taking Power

2 June 2016  |  

It’s time for a radical rethink about the basis of power in our society. Especially the power to combat poverty and disadvantage. This edition of Insight explores the many ways people are reclaiming power to right across Victoria.


Insight 14 : Putting people back in the picture

14 December 2015  |  

This edition of Insight aims to help tell the stories of people with a lived experience of disadvantage, amplifying their voices, and helping put people back in the picture when designing social policy and delivering support.


Insight 13 – Community sector: Climate of change

8 September 2015  |  

This edition of Insight seeks to promote the opportunities that exist in our current accelerated climate of change, exploring methods of policy design, program delivery and reform that enable us to collaborate within and across sectors, and with our communities, for more effective change.

Insight - On the fringes: Tale of two cities

Insight 10: On the Fringes – Tale of two cities

7 August 2014  |  

This issue of Insight examines the needs of communities on Melbourne's outer fringe. From Melton to the Yarra Ranges, Whittlesea to Mornington, our fringe communities circling Melbourne need greater investment in services including transport, healthcare, jobs, housing, emergency management.


Issue 8: Crime and Justice

25 June 2013  |  

Victoria remains trapped in a ‘tough on crime’ cycle, driven by imprecise or often misleading evidence and political imperatives.This edition of Insight explores how the scales of justice are weighted against those who are most vulnerable, and how we can restore the balance.

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Insight Issue 7

Issue 7: Sustainable sector – changes and challenges

17 September 2012  |  

In this edition Editorial 2022: the future is here The issue of sector sustainability has been on the agenda for some time. Former VCOSS CEO Cath Smith looks back on a decade of looking forward and finds the seeds of an exciting, if challenging, future. Download PDF

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