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Issue 7: Sustainable sector – changes and c. . .

Issue 7: Sustainable sector – changes and challenges

Insight Issue 7

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2022: the future is here

The issue of sector sustainability has been on the agenda for some time. Former VCOSS CEO Cath Smith looks back on a decade of looking forward and finds the seeds of an exciting, if challenging, future.
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Sector reform: unfinished business

There’s been much attention on the establishment of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) to strengthen accountability in the not-for-profit sector – and rightly so, argues ACOSS’s Tessa Boyd-Caine. But she says the sector also needs to look at some big questions beyond reporting requirements to fully explain its work.
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In Conversation

Q&A with the Hon. Mark Butler, Minister for Mental Health and Ageing, Minister for Social Inclusion, Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Mental Health Reform.
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Politics, policies, and changing times

When funding gets tight, it can be harder to bite the hand that feeds you. Former UK Social Exclusion Task Force director Naomi Eisenstadt talks about the risks for the community sector in tougher times – and ways to maintain influence and integrity.
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Demanding a just transition

The global financial crisis and political reform have unleashed a wave of changes to the way the community sector operates in the United Kingdom. It means tough times for services and those they serve, but – counsels Julia Unwin from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation – it is these moments that belong to civil society.
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Big Society: too big a price to pay?

In just two years, the dramatic ‘Big Society’ policy changes in the United Kingdom have redefined the role of the state. Centre for Policy Development Fellow Dr James Whelan looks at the impact on the community sector and the implications for Australia.
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Vox Pop

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the community sector over the next decade – from outside and from within.
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Risk ready: it’s time for innovation

Finding better ways to fund and deliver community services will demand a greater appetite for risk and innovation from both government and the community sector itself, says Professor Peter Shergold, Chancellor of the University of Western Sydney.
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Workforce: what’s the strategy?

The community services and health workforce is growing twice as fast as other industries in Australia and will generate one in four of all new jobs in the next few years, yet already it struggles to attract, retain and properly skill workers. Wallis Westbrook from Queensland’s Community Services Workforce Council looks at the challenges and opportunities ahead.
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How ‘place’ fares in place-based solutions

Governments are looking increasingly to place-based initiatives to address deep disadvantage. David Tennant from Goulburn Valley Family Care assesses how the Shepparton welfare reform trial in Victoria meets some key elements for success.
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Funding models: a realistic road ahead

Funding arrangements with government agencies are a constant and complex concern for the community sector. Myles McGregor-Lowndes and Amanda McBratney show how the Productivity Commission has shown the way to a better system that should not go on the backburner.
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Working together

The Queensland Community Services Futures Forum agreed in March 2011 to develop a ‘Green Paper’ on how the community sector could work better together in the face of significant state and national change. Its author Trevor Carlyon details the results.
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The Road Home: how we are travelling?

The White Paper on Homelessness was hailed as a breakthrough for Australia. What has it delivered and where should the road head? Nicole Lawder and Travis Gilbert from Homelessness Australia do the rating.
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Comparing costs through collaboration

A group of Victorian community sector organisations are breaking new ground in collaboration by sharing sensitive information on costs to find better ways to manage back-of-office functions. MacKillop Family Services Chief Executive Micaela Cronin outlines the process and promise.
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Sense of struggle, need for hope

In being true to mission, St Vincent de Paul Chief Executive Dr John Falzon argues that the community sector should expect much from government – and also from ourselves.
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