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Getting involved with VCOSS makes you part of a powerful movement for change.

All Victorians and Victorian social service organisations that support the objectives of VCOSS can apply for membership.

We offer three distinct ways to get involved: organisational or individual membership and our supporter category.

All approval of the VCOSS Board, and prospective members must agree to comply with the VCOSS Code of Conduct.

Once approved, you will be sent a tax invoice and welcome pack.




Receive free or discount tickets to a range of VCOSS events, including the annual post-Victorian Budget Treasurer’s Breakfast


Participate in policy consultations (including for flagship budget and election submissions), advocacy campaigns and sector projects.

Join and contribute to a series of VCOSS networks and communities of practice

Attend President and CEO forums

Attend annual strategic update with VCOSS President and CEO

Access to tailored strategic information and advice

Be sent updates on sector issues, trends and opportunities

Receive timely and targeted CEO alerts on critical and developing issues

Participate in learning and development opportunities


Have your organisation’s work featured across a range of VCOSS channels, including in sector forums, on social media and in the fortnightly newsletter Amplify

Access advocacy tools and resources

Participate in the VCOSS Comms Alliance

Save money through VCOSS partners

Vote at the VCOSS Annual General Meeting and Special General Meetings

Be eligible for election as an elected Board member (three positions)


Be eligible for nomination as an appointed Board member (six positions)

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Organisational form (apply online)

Please contacts us if you’re interested in becoming a VCOSS supporter.

Code of Conduct

A VCOSS member must always...A VCOSS member must never...

▫ act honestly and in good faith
▫ act fairly and reasonably
▫ act in a socially responsible manner
▫ treat others with respect and dignity
▫ value the diversity of our community
▫ recognise and avoid conflicts of interest
▫ comply with the letter and spirit of the law

▫ take improper advantage of their position
▫ mislead others
▫ make improper use of information they have obtained
▫ disclose confidential information
▫ otherwise behave in a way that will reflect badly on VCOSS