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iPads and blazers upping back-to-school costs. . .

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iPads and blazers upping back-to-school costs

27 January 2016  |  

The rising use of technology in the classroom and an increasingly competitive school system is adding significant costs to families’ back-to-school budgets, says the Victorian Council of Social Service.

High education costs hurt families

19 January 2016  |  

Reports that Victoria is the most expensive place in Australia to educate a child in a government school shows the need for clearer guidelines for schools and better support for families to manage the costs of education.

Beating cost of living increases in 2016

24 December 2015  |  

The cost of living for all Victorian households is set to increase in 2016 with the Victorian Council of Social Service warning that the increases will have a significant impact on vulnerable Victorians.

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