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Below are the latest media releases published by VCOSS. You can also subscribe to the Media Release RSS feed.

Importance of high quality early learning confirmed by Productivity Commission

22 July 2014  |  http://vcoss.org.au/media-release/importance-of-high-quality-early-learning-confirmed-by-productivity-commission/

The value and importance of quality early childhood learning and its importance to vulnerable families has been confirmed by the Productivity Commission in its latest draft report on childcare and early learning.

“The Productivity Commission report makes a series of recommendations that recognise the importance of giving vulnerable children the best start in life,” said Emma King, CEO of the Victorian Council of Social Service.

“Crucially…Read More

200,000 Victorian students to lose support for school costs

21 July 2014  |  http://vcoss.org.au/media-release/200000-victorian-students-to-lose-support-for-school-costs/

The families of more than 200,000 Victorian school students – almost one quarter of all students in the education system – will lose targeted support for school costs from 2015, and most don’t even know it.

The abolition of the Education Maintenance Allowance, which has helped low-income families meet school costs such as books, uniforms, excursions, camps, and IT equipment for more than 20 years,…Read More

Federal changes put thousands of young Victorians at risk of poverty

17 July 2014  |  http://vcoss.org.au/media-release/federal-changes-put-thousands-of-young-victorians-at-risk-of-poverty/

Tens of thousands of young Victorians will be left jobless, without assistance to find work and at increased risk of homelessness under federal government changes to the social support system, leaving the Victorian Government needing to fill the gap, warns a coalition of community services and welfare organisations.

A forum in Melbourne today will hear that the youth unemployment rate in parts of the state…Read More

Victorians jobless rate, rental affordability worsen

10 July 2014  |  http://vcoss.org.au/media-release/victorians-jobless-rate-rental-affordability-worsen/

Victoria’s unemployment rate has hit a 12-year-high, on the same day that a new report shows rental affordability is worsening, says the Victorian Council of Social Service.

“Victorians on low incomes and in precarious work and housing situations need a strong social safety net to reduce the risk of falling into poverty and disadvantage,” said Emma King, CEO of VCOSS.

“Victoria’s worsening unemployment situation means there…Read More

Vulnerable people most at risk in disasters

13 June 2014  |  http://vcoss.org.au/media-release/vulnerable-people-most-at-risk-in-disasters/

Socially vulnerable people are being put at increased risk of harm and death during emergencies due to a failure to plan for their needs, according to a report released today by the Victorian Council of Social Service.

“Disasters and emergencies such as bushfires, floods and heatwaves can affect all Australians, no matter what their background or status – but they don’t affect us all equally,” said…Read More

New family violence funding an important step

30 May 2014  |  http://vcoss.org.au/media-release/new-family-violence-funding-an-important-step/

New funding to protect and support women and children at risk of family violence, announced by Premier Denis Napthine at the VCOSS 2014 Summit today, is a welcome step towards addressing one of the most pressing issues in our community.

“VCOSS welcomes the $30 million in new funding and we will take up the Premier’s offer of continuing to consult on the further investment needed…Read More

Building a Victoria Without Poverty

30 May 2014  |  http://vcoss.org.au/media-release/building-a-victoria-without-poverty/

VCOSS is today releasing its 2014 State Election Platform, a plan for creating a Victoria without poverty.

The VCOSS State Election Platform 2014 – Victoria Without Poverty outlines the top 12 ways to immediately begin building a Victoria without poverty, and the full vision for achieving it, in the next term of government.

VCOSS Chief Executive Officer Emma King said Victoria Without Poverty offers a plan that brings people together after…Read More

Australia should not consign young jobless to lives of poverty

22 May 2014  |  http://vcoss.org.au/media-release/australia-should-not-consign-young-jobless-to-lives-of-poverty/

Young Australians who cannot find work or study will be consigned to lives of poverty if the federal government does not reverse harsh measures contained in last week’s budget, warns the Victorian Council of Social Service.

“Tearing up the social safety-net for 100,000 young people every year will leave a generation of our young people facing abject poverty and disadvantage,” said Emma King, CEO…Read More

Royal Commission into violence against women an important step

17 May 2014  |  http://vcoss.org.au/media-release/royal-commission-into-violence-against-women-an-important-step/

The announcement from Victorian ALP Leader Daniel Andrews that, if elected, they will hold a Royal Commission into family violence is welcome recognition of the need to elevate our responses to one of the most serious and pervasive issues facing Victoria today, according to the Victorian Council of Social Service.

“A Royal Commission into family violence would be an important step in determining the scope…Read More

Federal Budget hurts poorest the hardest

14 May 2014  |  http://vcoss.org.au/media-release/federal-budget-hurts-poorest-the-hardest/

Federal Budget cuts revealed last night will overwhelmingly hurt the poorest in our community the hardest and create an uncertain future for a number of important state-based programs and services, according to the Victorian Council of Social Service.

“Australians expect their governments to improve people’s lives, not make things harder for people who are already doing it tough,” said Emma King, CEO of VCOSS.

“Cuts to…Read More