ADMH Collaborative Panel ‘Information Hub’

Supporting Cross-sector Learning & Development

This project will explore options to promote more effective cross-sector learning and development through the establishment of a central, cross-sector clearinghouse style dissemination point. The clearinghouse will enable organisations that are producing resources and delivering training across different sectors to make prospective users aware of what is available, advertise training and information dissemination forums, run webinars and host collaborative and peer based learning activities.

In addition to providing a dissemination point for existing material, the clearinghouse could play a proactive role in identifying cross-sector training and development requirements, identifying gaps in existing resources and training offerings and working with training providers to commission or produce programs to meet those requirements.

Doing so would allow the clearinghouse to:

  • Support service organisations to work through long term, reform driven changes that are currently impacting the service system (and are projected to continue to do so over the coming decade)
  • Support the ongoing professionalisation of the service sector and
  • Support consumers and carers to engage more effectively with the sector and to influence and inform ongoing service system design and service provision.

Project status

In 2016 the project’s first stage was completed. It was found there is widespread support for the creation of a cross sector clearinghouse style dissemination point to support learning and development.

This resource would need to be curated to allow people working in the sectors to find out about the best types of training and resources to help them in their work, rather than just being a simple directory.

While this resource would help to address that resource development and training often happens in ‘silos’ across the disability, mental health, ageing and broader community sector, there is still a need to do further scoping work.

The next stage of the project will consider: budget, timing, technology, and the partnerships required to ensure cross sector learning development which meets the needs of the growing workforce.



Annie Hayward
Carers Victoria
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