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Accessible Transport

As part of our work to address transport disadvantage, VCOSS advocates for improvements to the public transport network to improve access, particularly for people with disabilities, older people, parents with small children and people from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Since the introduction of the Australian Government’s Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002 there has been a requirement for all public transport providers to upgrade their services to ensure better access. The Standards require public transport providers to meet access standards, including progress targets for upgrading vehicles and infrastructure to improve its accessibility, including for level-access boarding on trains, trams and buses. The Victorian Government has failed to allocate sufficient funding to meet the progress targets for 2007, and is unlikely to reach the progress targets for 2012, especially on the tram network.

VCOSS Action

VCOSS currently facilitates an Accessible Transport Working Group to assist communication, discussion and campaigning between accessible transport advocates.

VCOSS held a forum on Accessible Transport in December 2010, and has published a summary report of the forum’s outcomes. The forum followed on from a previous project hosted by VCOSS in conjunction with the Disability Resources Centre and the Disability Advocacy and Information Service in 2007. The resulting report of the Accessible Public Transport Watch Project published the results of a survey of 115 people with disability and identified numerous access problems in the public transport system.

Further information

For more information about VCOSS’s work on accessible transport, contact Llewellyn Reynders at llewellyn.reynders@vcoss.org.au.