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Energy and Water

Energy and water are essential services for all Victorian households. But for many in our community, access to sufficient electricity, gas and water is compromised by low incomes and financial hardship.

As a result, some Victorian households experience fuel poverty because they can’t afford to buy the amount of energy they need, and either ration their use, or face disconnection for non-payment. VCOSS works to improve access to essential energy and water for vulnerable and disadvantaged Victorian households.

VCOSS campaigns for:

  • adequate concessions to offset the impact of utilities on a household’s budget
  • fair pricing to ensure that all households can get access to an essential supply of energy and waters
  • a consumer protection framework that protects all households accessing essential services

Electricity smart meters are being installed in every household in Victoria over the next four years. These meters will enable new electricity pricing structures and products to be offered to customers. VCOSS has raised concerns that these products may disadvantage some low income households and…

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