Victorian housing markets are not working, particularly for people on low to moderate incomes – like part-time workers, carers, teachers, community sector workers and shop assistants, for whom there are simply too few opportunities to secure affordable rental housing, much less to think about buying a home.

This means that many low waged and part-time workers and others on low income are housed precariously – either paying rents in excess of what they can afford or in some instances forced into the growing number of illegal rooming houses springing up in our suburbs and towns. This places people just one step away from homelessness – where a cutback in hours of work, illness or other issue is all it takes.

We know homelessness has catastrophic impacts for individuals and families. Precarious housing likewise has serious consequences for stress, family stability and wellbeing.

The crisis in affordable housing affects a great many Victorians – with one in 20 (over 109,000 households) paying over 50 per cent of their income in housing. It is particularly severe for renters – with more than one in five low to moderate income renters (over 65,000 households) in housing stress.

VCOSS campaigns for:

  • a dramatic increase in the supply of affordable housing
  • homes that are easy to access by people with disabilities, the elderly and frail
  • minimum standards for rental housing

ddfbThe ‘Decent not dodgy’ campaign calls on the Victorian Government to reform the Victorian Residential Tenancies Act (1997) to include basic standards for rental properties. This aims to ensure that all renters are guaranteed a…

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Joint Housing Framework Statement

The Victorian Government recently announced a public consultation to inform the development of a future social housing framework.  In support of expanding accessible, affordable and appropriate homes, seven Victorian housing, homelessness and domestic violence peak organisations joined together around five key housing priorities:

  1. Improve housing outcomes: set…
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Making Social Housing Work

Victoria needs a social housing system that works. Seven Victorian peak bodies concerned with housing affordability have come together to outline a vision for the future…

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