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Making Social Housing Work

Making Social Housing Work

Making Social Housing Work

Victoria needs a social housing system that works. Seven Victorian peak bodies concerned with housing affordability have come together to outline a vision for the future of Victoria’s social housing system. 

This report marks a significant achievement in together bringing people and organisations with diverse views and interests to collaborate on a plan to address one of the most pressing social issues in Victoria at the moment – our affordable housing crisis.

Making Social Housing Work: Better homes for low-income Victorians calls for a broad affordable housing strategy that addresses social housing shortages, and looks at ways to expand the supply and quality of low cost private housing.

The recommendations include:

  • An investment of $200 million per year for 20 years in additional new social housing
  • Transfer of stock from public housing to community housing to introduce new revenue while maintaining existing stock and current tenants
  • Making the National Affordable Housing Agreement work better by including other Commonwealth housing programs in it
  • Making the National Rental Affordability Scheme a permanent program as it contributes to the supply of new affordable housing stock
  • Reforms to Commonwealth taxes so that the $45 billion in indirect tax assistance each year to investors and home owners contributes to the supply of new dwellings.
  • Replacing stamp duty with a flat land tax, to stimulate investment in large scale rental housing, and ease the tax burden on homebuyers when they can least afford it – at market entry.
  • Measures to improve the financial problems in public housing, and change the way the Government delivers housing services
  • Changes to private tenancy laws to make private rental more secure.

Making Social Housing Work was launched on 02 April 2014.