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State Election

banner-election-fpIn the lead up to the 2014 state election VCOSS has called on all parties to commit to creating a Victoria without poverty, and aims to make social justice a key policy agenda for whoever forms government.

The  VCOSS State Election Platform: Victoria without Poverty, is our signature document and outlines our priorities for the 2014 campaign.

sep2014thumbThis State Election Platform spells out the immediate priorities and a full vision for the 2014 Victorian election. Victorians want to eliminate poverty and disadvantage. We’ve created a plan all sides of politics can follow to improve the lives of…

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See the VCOSS 2010 State Election Platform, and our media release from the time:

This year’s State election must focus on fairer outcomes for all Victorians by tackling the causes of the issues that face them, including poverty, disadvantage and crime.

The Victorian…

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