Promoting the exercise of consumer choice and control

This project will help support the exercise of consumer choice and control and the adoption of consumer led service delivery models by working to develop and disseminate an integrated package of resources and training materials to:

  • Help boards and managers to identify and implement required cultural and business system based changes to support  the adoption of consumer led service delivery
  • Help frontline service delivery practitioners to apply more consumer led work practices in the way that they undertake their day to day activity and
  • Help consumers and carers to build confidence and skills to exercise choice and control when engaging with service providers.

Doing that would also help:

  • Support consumers and carers to engage more effectively with the service sector and to influence and inform ongoing service system design and service provision and
  • Support the ongoing professionalisation of the service sector.

This project will be implemented over three years.

Status A series of activities have been developed for the engagement of service and consumer and carer participants in the PECCC project.
In summary, consumers and carers will:

  • take centre stage in defining what true consumer control and choice is and what change is needed
  • build connections and relationships with peer consumer citizens and providers who have changed or are changing to drastically improve consumer citizen participation and control
  • become partners with providers in defining and implementing cultural change within organisations
  • learn with peers to develop and reproduce active consumer citizen participation so that it becomes commonplace throughout the community
  • share and co-promote one another’s successes

Providers will:

  • collaboratively develop or enhance a “culture of reflective practice and passionate curiosity”, determining what works for people and what doesn’t, and to change what is not working, including experimenting and exploring creative ideas that are possibly outside of the square
  • benefit from collaboration with provider and consumer citizen peers and researchers who are skilled in; appraising organisations for Consumer Control and Choice; in undertaking change in thinking, attitudes and practice – and in evaluating change
  • support staff, including front line staff, to actively engage in active consumer citizen participation, so that cultural change pervades and defines services, and puts ideals into practice
    become part of a skilled community of practice which normalises true consumer citizen control and choice, and generates a wave of organisations developing Consumer Control and Choice and good practices.
Funded by State Trustees Australia Foundation has committed to part fund this project in years 1 & 2, and will fully fund year 3.
Co-funding is currently being sought for years 1 & 2
Key contact Dale Nelson, Engagement and Consultation Coordinator, VICSERV
03 9519 7000