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Community organisations in a climate of change


How these papers were developed
These briefing papers, prepared by VCOSS in consultation with other members of the Ageing, Disability and Mental Health Collaborative Panel, outline the climate of change community organisations are operating in, and explain a range of parameters and models and the opportunities and implications they present to organisations.

The Ageing, Disability and Mental Health Collaborative Panel was established in 2014 by the State Trustees Australia Foundation, along with a grants program, to help individuals, service providers and peak organisations adjust to major ageing, disability and mental health reforms.

The Ageing, Disability and Mental Health Collaborative Panel facilitates cross-sector cooperation and helps strategically guide the State Trustees Australia Foundation’s larger grants help programs gain momentum in supporting vulnerable Victorians.

The panel has identified priority funding areas for the strategic grants that encourage organisations to identify best practice, develop new training approaches and share their experiences and collaborate on common challenges and opportunities.

Panel representatives are from Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO), Carers Victoria, COTA Victoria, Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria, National Disability Services, State Trustees Australia Foundation, Victorian Council of Social Service (VCOSS) and VICSERV.