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Peaks and Statewide Networks Forum

The Victorian Council of Social Service (VCOSS) convenes the Peaks and Statewide Networks Forum – a forum for peak bodies and statewide organisations* to engage with cross-sectoral policy issues and to coordinate collaborative advocacy on shared concerns.

Examples of the collaborative work undertaken by the Peaks & Statewide Network include: the renegotiation of the Service Agreement,  the implementation of the equity case, and the consideration of recommendations of the Victorian Government’s report A roadmap for community and human services reform.

Between meetings members of the Peaks & Statewide Network receive and share information about key sector issues and developments from VCOSS.

Meetings are held once every 2 months.

For further information, please contact VCOSS on T. 03 9235 1000.

*Statewide organisations are those organisations that operate across multiple departmental areas and cover a large portion of the State.