Victorias budget papers explained in five minutes

Overwhelmed by the Victorian budget papers?

The Victorian budget papers are big, dense, confusing and generally inaccessibility to anybody without an economics degrees.

It’s so hard to find the bit that actually relates to you. But we’re here to help!

VCOSS is producing a series of instructional videos featuring Future Social Service Institute Director Professor David Hayward. The videos explain the budget papers in clear and simple language.

After watching each video, we recommend you familiarise yourself with last year’s budget papers to bed down your newly acquired knowledge.

Having trouble hearing a video? You may need to unmute by clicking the ‘speaker’ button in the bottom right.


Video #1

  • What is the difference between all the budget papers?
  • Which ones are worth reading and which ones are worth reading—and which aren’t?

Video #2

  • Learn all the sneaky, disingenuous language deployed to confuse you.