Every person in Victoria should have the tools, resources and support they need to lead a good life.

Nothing should be allowed to stand in the way of a person’s health or happiness.

But currently in Victoria, barriers do exist in many forms; geography, economic exclusion, discrimination or systemic bias. Sometimes it’s who you love, how you look, where you’re from or the body you inhabit.

We raise awareness of the existence, causes and effects of poverty and inequality in Victoria—and pursue meaningful change. We push for Victoria to be fairer, stronger and more just.

We select policy areas that are the most critical and where we can make the biggest difference.

Our role includes

  • Researching and developing approaches for governments and the community sector to adopt
  • Responding to current and proposed government policies and practices
  • Advocating for change using the media and through direct lobbying, and
  • Coordinating community sector responses to emerging issues.

As the state peak, VCOSS convenes and supports a number of collaborations, and represents member organisations on several sector and government panels, steering groups and advisory bodies.

We also proudly work with governments, universities, NGOs, businesses, unions, service providers and other peak bodies to achieve the greatest impact, while maintaining our independence.

VCOSS participates in:

Ministerial Advisory Groups

  • Family Violence Steering Committee
  • Industry Taskforce
  • Social Services Taskforce
  • NDIS Implementation Taskforce
  • Roadmap to Reform Strong Families Safe
  • Public Housing Renewal Advisory Group

Other Advisory Groups

  • NDIS Workforce Development and Transition Working Group
  • NDIS Participant Readiness Working Group
  • NDIS Sector Readiness Working Group
  • NDIS Housing Working Group
  • NDIS Cross Sector Innovation Working Group
  • Roadmap for Reform Universal Services Working Group
  • Department of Education and Training’s Early Childhood Development Advisory Group
  • Victorian Climate Change Advisory Panel
  • Victorian Child and Youth Area Partnership Implementation Group
  • Victoria Police Commissioner’s Human Rights Advisory Group
  • Seniors Commissioner’s Social Isolation and Loneliness and Senior Victorians Advisory Group
  • HSHPIC Service Agreement Working Group (the key consultation body for the Victorian Common Funding Agreement)
  • Aboriginal Children and Families Agreement and Strategic Action Plan External Working Group
  • Centre for Social Impact Victorian Advisory Council
  • Early Childhood Development Advisory Group
  • Equal Workplaces Advisory Council
  • Project Advisory Group. Registration and accreditation for Victoria’s disability workforce


Our analysts cut through the detail to examine emerging issues, trends and policy approaches.

Here are some of our latest pieces.

You can view the full analysis archive here.

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