Election platforms

At their best elections are a contest of ideas. We have a few.

Every four years our political parties submit their best ideas to the judgement of the Victorian people.

In advance of each election, VCOSS produces a comprehensive platform with dozens of ways to make Victoria fairer and more just.

This forms the basis of our private and public advocacy through until polling day.

The next Victorian election will be on Saturday 26 November, 2022.

Which is in exactly:

Delivering a good life for every Victorian (2018 Election Platform)GOODLIFE report cover

  • Having a safe and affordable place to call home,
  • Affording the basics, paying for food, energy, transport and general costs of living,
  • Having a great education to grow and develop our talents, leading to a job with security and a decent wage,
  • Prioritising health, with support to recover from illness and manage disabilities,
  • Living free from violence, abuse and neglect, and
  • Being part of a community with friends and loved ones.

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Victoria without poverty

2014 Election Platform

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A platform for smart government

2010 Election Platform

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