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Good health in the time of COVID-19

The physical and psychological stresses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic must not be underestimated.

Victorians on low-incomes, living with pre-existing health conditions or experiencing some other form of exclusion are particularly vulnerable.

We seek to give voice to these people at a time when governments are shaping their recovery plans for a post-COVID world.

The stories below are based on longform interviews about life during the pandemic, people’s health and wellbeing more generally, and how easily they can access services, supports and other essentials.

They are all Creative Commons, and can be reproduced with attribution.

  • These insights will be used to inform a larger research project about the lessons from COVID-19, and how to build a more accessible and equitable community.

Bayu Pratama has been no stranger to racism since arriving in Australia from Jakarta eight years ago.

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Although COVID-19 has been devastating, it has given Meena chance to pause and map out where she wants to take her life.

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John Doutch isn’t too fussed by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Us oldies, if I could put it that way, are fairly used to challenges."

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Mandy Weber and her two teenage daughters face the prospect of homelessness for a sixth time once JobSeeker is cut.

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Fear of COVID-19 has changed a lot of things in Ruth Skewes' life, but some things are too important to give up.

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“No one should have to be making choices between food and bills, medication and bills. But we are."

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This project is a partnership between VicHealth and VCOSS.

Project oversight: Brooke McKail (VCOSS), Maya Rivis (VicHealth).
Consultant: Kym Goodes (3P Advisory).
Interviews: Melissa Jenkins.
Original illustrations: Jacob Komesaroff.
Editor: Miriam Sved.