VCOSS Policy Tracker

November 2018

Policy Tracker

This is a comprehensive list of the social policies proposed at the 2018 Victorian election.

Throughout the campaign, VCOSS policy experts searched high and low for the Labor, Liberal and Greens parties’ official policy pledges.

Some were easier to find than others.

VCOSS will retain this website as a historical record and reference point for discussion and analysis during the 59th Parliament of Victoria.

Please note, this site has not been updated since 27 November 2018.

Justice, courts, fines, policing


Housing, homelessness, renters’ rights


Jobs, skills, employment



Cost of living, essential services, digital inclusion

  • Support the transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030, including by building large-scale, publicly owned renewable energy generators
  • Push for the establishment of a publicly-owned electricity retailer, to be called Power Victoria.
  • Advocate for Victoria to phase out fossil fuels, using a combination of energy efficiency, energy storage, energy conservation and renewable energy.
  • Campaign for a range of energy measures, including;
    • Putting solar panels on schools and 24,000 public housing properties.
    • Giving renters and people living in apartments $1000 grants to invest in off-site ‘solar gardens’.
    • Making landlords upgrade rental homes to meet energy efficiency standards.
    • The Green’s energy policy principles and aims can be found here.

Education, inc. early learning, inclusive schooling

 Children, families, out of home care, HomeStretch

  • Enable foster and kinship carers to have access to the medical history records of children placed in their care within 48 hours.
  • Give foster and kinship carers an extra $1,500 per year to cover out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Pilot the HomeStretch program and provide funding for 75 places per year over two years for young people transitioning from state care, to support their education, employment, housing, physical and psychological goals.
  • Make a $300,000 investment in The Babes Project, which provides “vital childbirth, education and support program [to] women who face a crisis pregnancy”.
  • Establish integrated children’s centres in Victoria’s most disadvantaged rural and regional areas ($80 mill) to address the rural education gap. This will be a one-stop-shop for allied health, early childhood, maternal and child health services, and tertiary education.


Family violence prevention and gender equity


Health, inc. mental health, oral health and community health

  • $270 million commitment to restore funding to mental health
  • Champion ‘public preventative health’, promote ‘positive health and lifestyles’ and help develop a health and wellbeing strategy to address ‘systemic barriers to health and wellbeing’.
  • Invest $360 million into community health services, including an investment of $160 million to double the number of eligible people accessing public dental treatment. 
  • Replace the ambulance membership system and fees, with the Greens Government making up the shortfall to Ambulance Victoria.
  • Appoint an Aboriginal Health Commissioner ($20 mill over 4 years) 
  • Invest in health promotion campaigns and preventative health services ($15 mill annually) 
  • Establish two new sexual and reproductive health centres in Victoria ($5 mill) 
  • The Green’s broad health policy principles and aims can be found here.



Disability, aged care, carers



LGBTIQ+, CALD and diversity

  • Support equal access to adoption, fostering, surrogacy and assisted reproductive treatment regardless of sex characteristics, sexuality, gender identity and marital status.
  • Champion equal parenting rights for LGBTIQ+ parents.
  • Push for the establishment and expand gender clinics at hospitals and health services
  • The Green’s broad health policy principles and aims can be found here. Multicultural policy principles and aims can be found here.





Justice, courts, fines, policing

  • Stop building new prisons and redirect funds to establishing an Independent Centre for Justice Reinvestment and $80 million in crime prevention grants.
  • Build two new drugs courts in regional Victoria to target substance abuse and related crime.
  • Repeal untargeted laws that arbitrarily increase levels of imprisonment, such as mandatory sentencing.
  • Provide $132 million over four years to the legal assistance sector (including Victoria Legal Aid, Community Legal Centres and Aboriginal Legal Services).
  • Champion justice reinvestment approaches.
  • Continue support for expanding specialist courts, such as Koori Courts, Drug Courts, the Family Violence Division of the Magistrates’ Court and Neighbourhood Justice Centres.


  • The Green’s broad justice policy principles and aims can be found here.