Policy Tracker FAQs

How does VCOSS locate policies?

The detailed policy statements underpinning the major parties’ election commitments are sometimes posted online or available upon request. We will use our contacts and influence to obtain official policy documents and make them available to the public.


What if there isn’t a formal policy document available?

If no formal policy document exists we will piece together a fair representation based on available speeches, public statements and media releases.


What about existing government policies?

This site specifically catalogues election pledges and announcements. Existing government policy positions are not listed. We suggest you read:


When is a policy not a policy?

This is not a website that collates broad principles, philosophies or ‘motherhood statements’.

We list clear, specific and well-defined policies.

The Policy Tracker will not list individual projects or grants that form part of a broader program. For instance, we will not list a pledge to provide $4 million for the Township Base Hospital. However, we will happily list a party’s $100 million Regional Hospital Upgrades Program.


Does VCOSS endorse political platforms or parties?


When we see good policy, we praise it. If we see particularly bad policy, we’ll call it out.

We will sometimes post links to relevant VCOSS blogs, media releases and commentary alongside policy announcements.

However, most policies will be posted to the VCOSS Policy Tracker without comment.


Where are the Nationals?

The structure of the VCOSS Policy Tracker assumes the continuation of the Liberal-National Coalition should these two parties be in a position to form government.

Polices listed as ‘Liberal Party’ should be taken to represent the position of the Liberal-National Coalition, as led by the Liberal Leader Matthew Guy.


What about the minor parties and independents, etc?

Minor parties and independents don’t traditionally release comprehensive policy platforms.

The sheer volume of minor parties and independents contesting the Victorian election also makes monitoring and cataloguing their policy positions difficult.

However, if a minor party or independent candidate does release a significant and comprehensive policy position we will consider posting it here. However this will be the exception, not the rule.


Can I submit a policy?

Yes please!

For enquiries please contact VCOSS Communications Manager Ryan Sheales
ryan.sheales@vcoss.org.au | 03 9235 1000 | @RyanSheales