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Help us make social housing work

Victoria’s lack of affordable housing is at crisis point.

Only two per cent of rental homes in Melbourne are affordable for working single-parent families and none are affordable for a single person on the minimum wage or income support, according to one snapshot study. There is an estimated shortage of about 50,000 low-cost private rentals in Melbourne and there are high levels of forced evictions. Homelessness increased in Victoria by 20 per cent between 2006 and 2011, and about 22,000 Victorians are homeless on any given night.

Social housing is an important alternative supply of housing for those who cannot afford to buy or rent a home in the private market. In April this year, seven Victorian peak bodies together launched a vision for social housing: Making Social Housing Work. The report outlined how Victoria can begin to address the housing affordability crisis for low-income Victorians.
Making Social Housing Work
In the lead-up to the State Election, we are also convening a public forum on Wednesday, 8 October, where a panel of experts, commentators and key decision makers on housing will debate just what can and should be done to halt Victoria’s growing crisis in rental housing affordability and to make social housing work.

The Community Housing Federation of Victoria has also produced a great advocacy resources kit for community organisations to help spread the word about the housing problem and the solutions to it.

If you’re interested in approaching your local MP or candidate in the lead-up to the 2014 Victorian election, you can use this kit to help you outline your argument.

There is the Making Social Housing Work Executive Summary, which gives a short overview of the major issues and recommendations to increase social housing in Victoria.

There is also a set of Frequently Asked Questions that gives quick and easy responses to any queries about the Making Social Housing Work recommendations.

The kit also includes links to media release, online articles and additional material. If you’re looking to help expand the amount of affordable housing in Victoria, here is everything you need to make a persuasive argument.