Olivia lives with the rare Kleefstra Syndrome.


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Feb 26

The Welfare Review Report released yesterday outlines the biggest reform to Australia's social security system proposed in decades. In this

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Feb 23

The commencement of the Royal Commission and the increased support for organisations to be able to cope with increased demand

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Feb 20

Today’s Productivity Commission report on Childcare and Early Learning contains positive recommendations about increasing access to early childhood education for

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Feb 13

This week the Victorian Auditor General’s Office (VAGO) tabled a much anticipated audit into Additional School Costs for Families. Its

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Feb 10

With the weather heating up significantly across Victoria this week and weekend, we are reminded of the need to ensure

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Feb 7

Moves to strengthen investment in Victoria’s out-of-home care system will help to address an urgent need to secure the safety

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Feb 5

Figures in the most recent volume of the Productivity Commission’s Report on Government Services show that cost is already causing

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Feb 4

VCOSS welcomes calls by the Senate Select Committee into the Abbott Government's Budget Cuts to reinstate funding for Youth Connections

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Jan 30

Victoria’s prison population and the cost of keeping prisoners in custody is spiralling out of control according to the Victorian

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Jan 29

Almost 100 people in need are turned away from homeless agencies each day, the Productivity Commission's 2015 Report on Government

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Jan 5

Victoria’s prisoners are overwhelmingly people who have faced significant disadvantage in their lives. A VCOSS submission to the Victorian Ombudsman's

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