Victorian MPs deny public housing Children Young People and Families

Victorian MPs deny public housing

VCOSS is outraged the Victorian Parliament has blocked the construction of new public housing planned for Melbourne’s east.

More than 60 public housing units intended for the Markham Estate in Ashburton are now at risk, because Liberal and Greens MPs in the Upper House have united to block them.

VCOSS CEO Emma King said any moves that delay or deny housing to Victorian in need must be condemned.

“Victoria is facing an unprecedented housing affordability crisis. For many Victorians, public housing is all that stands between them and homelessness,” she said.

“VCOSS recognises some people held concerns about the design and approval process for these new units, but blocking the development makes the problem worse.”

Victoria has the lowest proportion of social housing (which includes public and community housing) of any Australian State or Territory.

“Victoria needs to build more public housing as a matter of urgency.”

“We can’t let political manoeuvring derail of the provision of homes to Victorians in need.”

Ms King said there are more than 40,000 applications pending on the Victorian Housing Register.

“Delaying new public housing just makes the waiting list longer.”

“Every delay denies another person, another family a safe, secure and affordable home.”

“Politics shouldn’t be allowed to get in the way of new public housing.”

Infrastructure Victoria has listed affordable housing growth among its top three priorities, with a call for 30,000 additional dwellings over the next decade.

The Victorian Parliament must ensure new social housing is delivered as quickly as possible.