A state-owned energy retailer? Cost of Living

A state-owned energy retailer?


On 29 August 2018 VCOSS was asked for our views on the prospect of a state-owned energy retailer for Victoria.

We provided the below comment, attributable to VCOSS CEO Emma King:

A state-owned energy retailer could be a welcome circuit breaker for Victorians struggling with high energy costs.

A properly designed and well run retailer wouldn’t price gouge or bamboozle customers with misleading discounts.

It could offer genuine saving, model best practice in customer service and force commercial retailers to lift their game.

To work, a state-owned or not-for-profit energy retailer would need to be open to all Victorians, but not compulsory.

Every Victorian should remain free to choose any lower-priced deal in the market.

Detailed modelling and consultation with the community sector would be essential to ensure nobody was worse-off.

A strong focus on energy efficiency for low income households will remain critical in ensuring Victorians’ energy bills are kept low and affordable.


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