2018 Victorian Election Advent Calendar Election

2018 Victorian Election Advent Calendar

For those of us who love politics and policy, the Victorian election is like an early Christmas.

That’s why we’re pleased to present the 2018 Victorian Election Advent Calendar. Behind every door is a social policy proposal to make Victoria fairer and more just. Each day we open a door and explain why that policy would be good for Victoria.

On a desktop computer? You may need to ‘unmute’ some of these videos. 

The full VCOSS 2018 election platform can be found here.


Thanks for following the #ElectionAdvent journey!
November 24 – Election Day!
November 23
November 22
November 21
November 20
November 19
November 18
November 17
November 16
November 15
November 14
November 13
November 12
November 11
November 10
November 9
November 8
November 7
November 6
November 5
November 4
November 3
November 2
November 1