Recognising Financial Abuse & Building Financial Capability

WIRE is presenting two training workshops: “Part 1: Recognising Financial Abuse” and “Part 2: Building Financial Capability”.

These interactive workshops are targeted at family violence practitioners and community services professionals across sectors that are non-family violence specialists (e.g. alcohol and other drugs, health, housing, culturally and linguistically diverse, migrant and asylum-seeking).

Both workshops are four-hours long. They can be taken on separate days or together on the same day. For the full-day, there will be a lunch break in between.

Part 1: Recognising Financial Abuse

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify, name and explain financial abuse and its impact to colleagues and clients
  • How to identify a range of controlling tactics and behaviours used to perpetrate financial abuse
  • How financial abuse impacts women’s financial capability in the short, medium and long term, across different life stages, and at different phases of the family violence journey through recovery
  • How to confidently open up difficult ‘money conversations’ using the WIRE model
  • The barriers that prevent victim-survivors getting back on track and building wellbeing for the future

Part 2: Building Financial Capability

You’ll learn:

  • Why does financial capability and security matter so much in the family violence context?
  • How to bust myths and unpack women’s emotional relationships with money
  • Identifying financial capability strategies across different phases of the family violence journey
  • New tools that can inspire, motivate and empower service users to take whatever control of their financial situation they can
  • What referral pathways can help
  • The role of Consumer Action Law Centre and others who can help


A number of sessions are available, please visit the WIRE website to find one that suits you.


WIRE Women’s information is accessible to wheelchair users and those with other mobility challenges. If you have any other access requirements please contact us and we will make adjustments as best we can.

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WIRE Women’s Information

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January 27 @ 8:00 am - March 17 @ 5:00 pm

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